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Why Blue Star?

Why is Blue Star Energy the best choice for your business’ electricity needs?

The answer’s simple. We’re a new generation electricity retailer; here to help your business reduce its electricity costs.

How do we do that? We:

  • Work with you to design tariffs perfectly suited to your business’ needs
  • Help you shape your business’ electricity consumption profile, lowering your tariff at your next review
  • Invest in you by researching energy storage solutions; rolling them out as soon as they’re financially viable
  • Encourage you to use solar power and other forms of on-site power generation
  • Reward you for efficient electricity use

Above all; we sit on your side of the table, working with you to bring down your energy spend.

Blue Star Energy Pty Ltd trades as Infinite Energy Electricity and retails electricity to commercial customers consuming more than 160MwHrs per year, get in touch today. We’re here to help. We also recommend visiting the Infinite Energy Electricity website for more information.

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