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Solar Deals for Landlords & Tenants

Whether you’re:

A business owner & tenant wanting to decrease your electricity costs and help the environment by harnessing the power of solar; or

A landlord wanting to make your property more attractive to potential tenants;

Blue Star Energy’s Landlord-Tenant Solar & Energy Package is for you.

For the Tenant

As a business owner you’re faced with multiple costs. Some of the biggest are your rent and electricity. Although the rent’s between you and your landlord, the electricity’s another matter.

By encouraging your landlord to switch to solar and taking advantage of our Landlord-Tenant Solar & Energy Package; your business is in line for a host of benefits including:

  • Reduced electricity costs

    By sourcing more power from the sun, you’ll purchase less electricity off the grid; reducing your ongoing electricity costs.

  • Roof shading & cooling

    By reducing the amount of heat hitting your roof, you’ll be able to keep your premises cooler naturally, reducing the load on cooling appliances like air conditioners, fridges and freezers.

  • Reduced reliance on coal generated electricity

    One of the greatest things about solar is that it’s sourced from a clean, 100% renewable source. By generating at least part of your electricity from the sun, you’ll reduce your business’ carbon footprint and help the environment.

  • Green power marketing opportunities

    With so many consumers looking for ‘green’ suppliers of products and services; using solar’s a great opportunity to market your business as environmentally aware and sustainably run.

For the Landlord

For landlords, investing in solar’s a true win-win situation. You’re not only investing in your property; you’re also investing in the environment and your future tenants.

Here’s why solar’s a great choice for landlords:

  • It improves the value of your property

    Properties fitted with solar power systems are proven to sell at a higher rate than those without. And with society’s continued focus on finding clean, renewable energy sources; it’s the perfect time to make a significant long-term investment in your property.

  • It makes your property more attractive

    Business owners are increasingly looking for green friendly premises. Attract a wider range of potential tenants by offering them the opportunity to operate more sustainably; as well as offering them cheaper energy options.

  • It’s a warranty protected investment

    Most quality solar power systems come with a 25 year warranty, meaning your investment’s protected for the life of several tenancy leases. Most systems also pay for themselves within 3 to 4 years; well within the term of a standard lease. That’s an investment return of 25 to 33%.

  • It means more money in your pocket

    Thanks to our solar feed-in tariff scheme, you’ll get money back for the unused electricity generated by your property’s solar power system.

Interested? Here’s how it works

The landlord gets things started by installing a solar PV system on the property.

Blue Star Energy then becomes the property’s electricity provider. The property’s energy will be sourced from the recently installed solar PV system, as well as through our grid supply. to to make the switch.

The tenant’s then invoiced for the total amount of energy consumed. Thanks to our great deals for business; our rates are probably lower than what you’re paying right now. Contact us to see how much you could save.

And finally, any payment due under our solar feed-in tariff scheme is passed back to the landlord.

So whether you’re a landlord or a tenant; solar’s a great way to improve your bottom line while helping the environment.

Contact us today for more information on how Blue Star Energy and solar power can help you run your business better.

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