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Blue Star Energy supports & encourages you to install solar

Installing on-site solar power at your commercial premises is a great option to reduce the amount of electricity you purchase from the grid.

While other Western Australian electricity retailers will do everything in their power to make it difficult for you to install solar, we encourage you to do so. We’ll even pay you a solar feed-in tariff for any unused solar power you export back to the grid.

Times have changed

In years gone by your solar investment options were limited.

Buying a solar PV system outright was really your only choice. And for many businesses, the prohibitive cost meant solar was simply out of reach.

But thanks to solar’s growing popularity; it’s now a financially viable investment. Solar companies offer a range of purchase options designed to make investing in solar easy and cost effective. You can choose from:

  • Capital purchase
  • Lease to buy agreements (over a 2 to 10 year period)
  • Power purchase agreements (a third party owns and operates the system and you as the business owner purchase the energy)

Blue Star Energy can also offer you a complete range of solar options in partnership with our sister company, Infinite Energy – one of Australia’s largest installers of commercial solar.

Blue Star Energy supports solar

For more information about how your business can save with solar, contact us today. Our friendly team’s standing by and ready to help.

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