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How the WA Electricity Market Works

If your business is connected to the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), and consumes more than $1200 a month (50 Mwhrs per year) of electricity; you have the right to choose your electricity retailer.

Electricity retailers and electricity providers explained

Blue Star Energy’s an electricity retailer. We source the power for you; along with discounted rates, solar feed-in and energy tariffs.

Western Power’s an electricity provider. They physically distribute power through their transmission and distribution network. They don’t sell electricity, but provide the infrastructure allowing retailers like us to sell it to you. That’s why when you switch electricity retailers, there’s no physical difference between their supply.

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What changes if I switch retailers?

Because we’re all getting our power from the same source, there’s no physical difference in supply from retailer to retailer.

It’s all the same power, distributed from the same place.

The only difference between retailers is how much you pay for that power.

At Blue Star Energy we look at your energy consumption, and that’s how we can potentially save your business thousands. Click here if you’d like to know if your business could benefit by making the switch.

If your business is outside the SWIS, your only available electricity retailer is Horizon Power. Contact them for information on rates and tariffs.

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