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What if you could access all the benefits of solar without the upfront capital cost?

With Blue Star’s Power Purchase Agreements you can – here’s how it works.

At Blue Star, we think everyone should have access to clean, reliable and renewable solar power.

But we know not everyone can afford the upfront capital cost – which is why we’re doing things differently.

Under a Blue Star Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you’ll still have a solar power system on your roof (things haven’t changed that much). But rather than purchasing the system – and taking responsibility for its operation, maintenance and monitoring – we’ll do it for you.

In exchange, you agree to purchase the solar power generated by the system at a pre-determined per kWh rate. And as that rate’s generally lower than what you currently pay for power from the grid, you’ll start saving from day one.

But the benefits don’t stop there

Along with no upfront capital costs, a Blue Star PPA also includes:

No technology, service or operational risks

Because we retain ownership of your system, we also retain responsibility for the operations, maintenance and monitoring of that system – at absolutely no cost to you.

You simply sit back and let the sun do its work – confident your system’s operating at its peak, and is fully protected in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Immediate savings and protection from rising power costs

When it comes to electricity, only one thing is certain – prices will continue to rise.

We can do better than that, which is why under a Blue Star PPA you’ll not save on your power bills, you’ll know up front how much you’ll pay for the power generated by your system for the life of the contract.

What’s more, you decide how it’s calculated, choosing between:

  • A fixed rate for the length of your contact, with no increases
  • ower starting price with an agreed escalation rate
  • An increasing rate linked to the CPI

We’ve got an option to suit every budget, and can tailor a plan to suit you.

Increased GreenStar and NABERS ratings

Solar’s not just great for the environment – it’s great for your business too. Along with reducing your carbon footprint, solar can increase your GreenStar and NABERS ratings, giving your business an eco-boost money can’t buy.

You’ve definitely got my attention – what happens next?

We’ll start with a detailed assessment of your electricity consumption profile, your available roof and ground space, as well as your internal electrical infrastructure. Then we’ll put together a list of recommended solar power systems, chosen specifically to suit your budget and power needs.

Once you’ve picked the solar system that’s right for you, we’ll put together a tailored plan outlining how much you’ll pay for the electricity generated by your system over a set period of time.

The last step is to install your system and monitoring equipment, and get everything up and running. Once your system’s generating power, you’ll receive a monthly account for the electricity produced by your system. And because every unit you purchase from your solar system is one less you purchase from the grid, you’ll start saving from day one.

Get the PPA that’s right for you

You’ll probably want to explore your options before you sign on the dotted line – we get that. But before you enter an agreement with any solar PPA provider, you should ensure they are:

  • Licensed to sell electricity in your state – Providers in the Eastern states must have an ‘Individual Retail Exemption’ from the Australian Energy Regulator, while providers in Western Australia must have an Electricity Retailer’s License
  • A Clean Energy Council approved retailer – you can check that here
  • Experienced providers of residential and commercial solar power solutions
  • Able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of how installing solar can help reduce your current electricity tariff

At Blue Star, we’re all of these things.

What’s more, we’re ready to help you decide whether a solar PPA is right for you. To learn more about our solar PPAs and how much they could help you save, give us a call on 1300 886 106or request a call back today.

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