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On-Bill Financing

Many businesses are choosing to invest in self-generation options such a solar PV systems and energy efficiency measures such as LED lighting and HVAC upgrades.  Whilst these initiatives result in immediate savings on your electricity bill and can have very short payback periods they often require a large upfront capital investment.


At Blue Star Energy we would like to ensure all of our customers are able to benefit from the savings energy efficiency and self-generation options can offer.  We appreciate that many businesses may not wish to pay for the upfront capital costs they require, which is why we introduced our on bill financing option.


Blue Star Energy’s on bill financing facility enables businesses to finance on site generation and energy efficiency measures through their electricity bill. This is a logical choice as the repayments will be funded directly from the electricity savings generated. In most cases the savings generated will outweigh the finance repayments meaning your business can still benefit from a reduced energy bill whilst paying for an asset.


If you would like to learn more about on bill financing and our business electricity plans, please contact us today.

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