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Solar Feed-in Tariffs

Whatever the size of your business and its electricity needs, generating your own solar power makes sense. You not only reduce your business’ carbon footprint, you also reduce your ongoing electricity costs; putting more money back into your business.

So what would you say if you could increase those savings even more?

With Blue Star Energy, you can

It’s all made possible through our Solar Feed-in Tariff Scheme.

How does the Solar Feed-In Tariff work?

Things will go on just as before. You’ll continue generating your own electricity through your solar power system. But now you’ll be paid for the solar electricity you generate but don’t use.

Combined with our customised electricity tariffs for business, and applicable to existing and potential solar systems, it’s the best way to give back to the environment and your business.

If you’d like more information on how Blue Star Energy and solar power can help improve your business’ bottom line, contact us today.

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