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The Blue Star Energy Approach

We know one size doesn’t fit all; particularly when it comes to electricity consumption. Some businesses use more electricity, others less. And why shouldn’t your energy tariff reflect that?

That’s why Blue Star Energy works with you to create a customised tariff; suited to the unique needs of your business.

How we do it

Our approach is simple. We take each business on a case by case basis; starting with your current electricity consumption.

With your permission, enquire here, we’ll start by extracting the consumption data from your on-site electricity metre. By analysing this data, we can see how much electricity you use and when. This in turn enables us to assess your needs; offering you a better electricity deal for your business.

The next step

Simply start by choosing from one of our three electricity tariff types:

Standard Gazetted Tariff
minus x %
Perfect if you want to know exactly how much your business will save; this tariff has a standard gazetted price with a fixed discount for the year.
Fixed Price Tariff
for the life of the contract
If you’d rather know how much you’ll pay for a set period in advance, we can set a fixed tariff price for the life of your contract.
Tariff Price Linked to CPI
or Fixed Percentage
If you’re concerned about price rises, we can link your tariff to the CPI or a fixed percentage. Your tariff will only rise by the CPI during the life of your contract.

Other customised options

Nobody likes paying for things they don’t need. So if none of the above options suit, it’s not a problem. We’re more than happy to work with you to customise a tariff to meet your business’ needs. Contact us for an in-depth discussion today.

More opportunities to save

Because our focus is on helping your business get a better deal, we can help reduce your tariff even more with these added options:

Usage capping

If you know your electricity use won’t exceed a certain amount, you might be eligible for further discounts. Ask us for more information.

Solar feed-in tariffs

If you’ve got a solar power system, you’re already using less electricity from the grid. Increase your savings with our solar feed-in tariffs and get money back for the electricity your system generates but doesn’t use. Visit our solar feed-in tariff page for more information, or contact us to see how it works.

Energy efficiency

Many businesses use the most electricity at midday; coinciding with high wholesale energy prices. But by reducing your usage at peak times, you can also reduce your energy bill.

The first option is to install a solar power system. You’ll generate the bulk of your power at the same time electricity usage and prices are the highest.

If that’s not an option; consider installing energy efficiency measures like LED lighting or cycling air-conditioning. If you’re unsure of your options, we can run an analysis of your load profile to see what will suit your business best.

For more information on how Blue Star Energy helps business run better,
or to get started, contact us today.

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