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Energy Monitoring Systems

You might’ve heard people say what can’t be measured, can’t be managed. This is particularly true when it comes to electricity.

Without an appropriate energy monitoring system, your business is operating in the dark. The longer you remain unaware of your electricity consumption habits, the longer you’ll continue to pay for power you don’t need.

That’s why we’re here to shine a light.

Why install an energy monitoring system?

With an energy monitoring system you can:

  • Monitor your business electricity use over time
  • Build a profile of your energy consumption habits
  • Adapt and conserve your energy usage
  • Identify energy inefficient appliances
  • Lower your ongoing electricity costs
  • Shape your power usage and bring down your tariffs

And the best news is, with Blue Star Energy’s sophisticated energy monitoring systems, all the hard work’s done for you. Our system collects and analyses your data, leaving you to choose how, and when it’s displayed. You can then use that information to lower your electricity consumption, along with your energy bill.

Blue Star’s Energy Monitoring Solution

Blue Star’s energy monitoring systems do more than just monitor electricity usage. They dynamically displays crucial information in real time:

  • Total electricity consumption
  • Electricity consumption on any number of individual circuits (like air conditioning and lighting)
  • Solar production
  • Grid draw
  • Gas consumption
  • Water usage

Providing unrivalled access to all your energy consumption information, our energy monitoring system has everything you need to ensure efficient electricity consumption. 

How to get started

Getting started’s easy.

We’ll help you make the right choice for your business with information about the most innovative systems on the market.

Sounds like the kind of help you need?

Then don’t hesitate. Contact us today to see how installing one of our energy monitoring systems can help your business save electricity and money.

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