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About Us

At Blue Star Energy we’re committed to providing you with the most efficient and cost effective electricity service possible.

We want to help you manage your consumption; increasing your efficiency while lowering your costs.

That’s why we’re doing things differently.

We’re committed to helping your business reduce its electricity costs

You’re in business to make a profit. And you can’t do that when your ongoing electricity costs continue to skyrocket.

That’s why our tariffs are:

  • Customised to suit your business’ needs
  • Rewards based
  • Flexible

Our commitment to you is long-term. That’s why we’ll also help you shape your electricity consumption profile, ensuring it goes down at your next tariff review.

We’re also a new generation electricity retailer

We know the world’s changing. Those who adapt will thrive.

So we’re investing in innovative new technology. And we want you to reap the benefits.

That’s why we’re:

  • Actively promoting the use of solar power and other on-site electricity generation
  • Researching energy storage solutions
  • Rolling them out as soon as they’re financially viable
  • New, money saving technology should be available to everyone. If we find a new way for you to save costs, you can guarantee we’ll pass it on.

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Along with providing a reliable and professional service; we’ll ensure your business gets the best electricity deal. A deal designed to minimise your bills, maximise your efficiency, and provide long-term peace of mind.

So if you’re ready to:

  • Start using electricity more efficiently
  • Reduce your ongoing electricity costs
  • Increase your business’ profit share

then get in touch today. We’re ready to answer your questions, provide expert advice, and help you make the switch.

Blue Star Energy – we’re on your side.

(Please note to be eligible for our services you must be connected to the Western Power network and consume more than 160 megawatt hours of electricity per year)

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